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Colonic Frequently Asked Questions

How much are sessions? 

We offer single sessions for $145. We don't offer packages at this time. 

What is Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy? 

Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy uses the natural flow of gravity to introduce water into the body. Using the latest in water filtration technology, our system utilizes ultra-purified water to dissolve and carry wastes away. Woods gravity systems are considered a closed system. Our equipment is custom made for comfort and effectiveness. You are working with a therapist for the entire duration of your session. Our team is certified in the Woods Method of Gravity Colonics and is additionally trained in-house by Michael Perrine before joining the team. Sessions generally last 45 minutes to one hour.

We  specialize in Gravity Colonics for 19 years and do not offer other methods. 

Why choose Gravity? 

Gravity has a reputation for being one of the most comfortable and effective methods possible. Using the natural flow of gravity to introduce water into the body the therapist can exercise the body’s natural muscular rhythm to release waste. The design of our equipment gives the therapist tremendous intuitive feedback allowing them to create a more personalized session based on your body's needs.

What are the benefits of Gravity Colonics ? 

The colon is a major pathway of elimination where the body to releases toxins. Emptying the colon relieves the core of the body from the weight of retained waste and the pressure of built up gas. This rapid emptying not only flattens the midsection and reduces bloating, but removes pressure from the skin and sinuses. Repetitive treatments can also exercise and condition the colon increasing transit time and complete elimination.

Regular colonics paired with clean eating can produce:

  • Glowing vibrant skin

  • A flat midsection

  • Clear sinuses & allergy relief

  • An efficient, strong bowel

  • Increased systemic detoxification

Does Colon Hydrotherapy help with weightloss? 

Colon Hydrotherapy can help with initial weight loss as it can relieve the belly of pounds of retained waste. We’ve had clients lose over 8 lbs. after a session! However, long term weight loss is accomplished by pairing treatments with clean eating. We can help you with that! Our therapists love to talk shop during your session. We also post recipes and host Detox Q&A’s on instagram at @everydaydetox 

Does it hurt to get Colon Hydrotherapy? 

Gravity treatments usually feel very relieving and therapeutic. Much of the time you’ll hear muted laughter coming from out treatment rooms as our clients love to catch up on life with their therapist and find the time very relaxing. Although treatments can get intense if the body is being particularly stubborn. This is usually brief and passes quickly.


Your confirmation email includes ways to prepare for your session magnifying the results and make it as comfortable as possible. 

How will I feel after a Colonic? 

Most of our clients feel elevated and go right back to life, work or even the gym directly after their session. However, everyone is different and sometimes a powerful treatment can require some relaxation afterwards. Check in with your body before

What should I do/eat after my session?

Depending on your results, your therapist will give you exact instructions on what to eat and not eat for the next twenty four hours. Hydration, raw juice and a short break from food is almost always recommended.

Preparation is key to maximizing your session. Regardless of individual dietary philosophies it is important to know that the human intestine favors raw and lightly cooked plant foods. The combination of enzymes, water, soluble and insoluble fibers makes the best cleansing combination and is the the perfect food (prebiotics) for the microbiome. 

Along with specific same day instructions that we will send you, we’ve also developed the Vitality Broom Cleanse to strategically loosen stored waste in preparation for your treatment. However, there are plenty of clients who do not prepare and we still get the job done with great results. Try your best, but don’t feel pressured to make it perfect.


You can download the Vitality Broom Cleanse here

How frequently should I have a colonic? 

This depends on what your goals are. If a client is working through various issues it may require multiple or ongoing sessions. Many clients leave a treatment feeling “back on track” and want to feel it out and let their body tell them when to come back. There’s also what we jokingly call “vanity colonics” because removing the burden of waste from the core brightens the skin and flattens the belly. Sometimes we have clients who come weekly or biweekly to maintain that clean glow. Our therapists generally won’t make recommendations until after your session because they need to see what’s going on internally before having a qualified suggestion.

Will a Colonic "wash away" my good bacteria? 

No, this is a complete myth. The bacterial colonies that make up the microbiome exist within the layers of the mucosal membrane. Just like drinking a glass of water doesn’t completely eliminate bacteria from the mouth nor does having a colonic. In fact, maintaining a cleansed internal environment with colonics and clean eating invites beneficial bacteria to thrive. Whereas retaining waste and stagnation invite pathogenic bacteria and parasites.

What makes a Gravity Colonic different than other systems? 

We intentionally use the Gravity Method of colonic as it allows the therapist to work less methodically and more intuitively to what your body needs. Many of our clients specifically seek us out for this reason. All of our equipment is custom made with nineteen years of experience in the design of our systems. We use a custom designed water filtration system to ultra-purify all of our water. Our treatments are conducted with the highest hygienic standards and our sterilization practices are tested and logged daily.

Can I have Colon Hydrotherapy while pregnant?

Colon Hydrotherapy can be done during pregnancy AFTER the first sixteen weeks has passed. However, this is only for clients who have a history of treatments before pregnancy. If you’ve never had colonics before it’s a good idea to introduce your body to the process regularly either before becoming pregnant or waiting until after. We want to avoid introducing new experiences during pregnancy.

Can I have Colon Hydrotherapy while on my period?

Yes, you absolutely can. It’s a personal preference.

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