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Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Clear Glowing Skin

The skin is the largest detoxification organ of the body. When we hold excess waste in the intestines, it begins to circulate out toward the skin, resulting in acne, blemishes, and rashes. Removing the volume of retained waste relieves the burden allowing the skin to shine and glow.

Eliminate Bloating

Gas and bloating can result from a variety of reasons. One common reason is food residue hanging on for an excessive amount of time. Western diets can leave residue that will decompose over time and disrupt the balance of intestinal flora resulting in the growth of unwanted bacteria, yeasts and fungus.

Reduce Inflammation

When we reduce the pressure at the core of the body by emptying waste from the colon the entire cell structure diffuses as the back pressure of gas is removed. Once relieved from the pressure the cells will pull in oxygen more efficiently and expel waste gasses more effectively. This results in a systemic decrease in inflammation throughout the entire body.

Relieve Constipation

Receiving a colonic is like a trip to the gym for the bowels. In addition to removing wastes and pressure in that moment, the internal muscles of the digestive system are activated, resulting in a stronger, more toned bowel. This improves the frequency of bowel movements and restores the system to a healthy schedule.

Relieve Allergies

Many seasonal, food and pet allergies are heightened when we are retaining waste in the colon. Emptying the colon cleans the overall chemistry of the body lessening and sometimes eliminating the response to allergens.

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