NRG Ionic Foot Spa


Treat your feet with this soothing and reinvigorating foot bath! NRG Works Foot Spa uses ionic technology to gently detox bringing balance and harmony to the whole body. The feet contain all the major acupuncture and reflexology points of the body. The NRG Foot Spa charges these points with negative ions, nature’s “good” ions. These negative ions travel through the body attaching onto positive ions (“bad” ions), allowing them to be carried out through the body’s own natural processes.

Pollutants, parasites, chemicals, and other toxins have positive ionic charge; whereas ocean waves, waterfalls, and lush forests have a negative ionic charge. That is why people feel so good after experiencing the NRG Foot Spa.


After using the Foot Spa people have reported:
• Increased energy*
• Mental clarity*
• Pain relief*
• Relief of disease symptoms*
• Quicker recovery from illness and exercise*
• General feeling of relaxation and wellness*


All Foot Baths are located at our North Main Clinic. 40 minutes.

$45 per session


*None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA