Closed System

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Hydro~San “closed system” is a Colon Hydrotherapy device that has been designed and engineered to provide safe and dependable colonic irrigation. It has been extensively analysed and tested to ensure that this system meets with technical design criteria for administration of colon hydrotherapy.


Hydro~San by “Specialty Health Products, Inc.”, the recognized leader in professional Colon Hydrotherapy instrumentation and technologies, has over twenty years of experience and pioneered the innovations that have become the industry standard in the modern practice of colon hydrotherapy.


Included during each Hydro~San Colon Hydrotherapy session is the amazing Amethyst BioMat™, designed to produce Far-Infrared Heat and negative Ions to further relax and rejuvenate the body.

To enhance your open system colonic you can add a Far Infrared Sauna session or a Steam Bath for an additional charge.